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2012 Bill McKibben: The Climate Fight Gets Hotter

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The Climate Fight Gets Hotter

The award-winning environmental journalist, author, Co-Founder of, and leading global climate activist surveys the landscape of climate action, including the remarkable holding action by and others to suspend approval of the Keystone XL pipeline carrying Canadian “tar sands” oil, the “biggest carbon bomb” on the planet.

Through his nonprofit, Bill McKibben has tenaciously led the world’s largest ever coordinated environmental rallies with actions that have mobilized people to educate about and mitigate global climate change. His inspiring slideshow reveals that “Most of the people we work with around the world are poor and black and brown and Asian and young, because that's what most of the world is made up of, and oddly, they're as interested in the future as anybody else. They're maybe more so because if you're in some of these places, the future bears down on you with enormous speed.” His next ambitious campaign? An expansive biodiesel bus tour to build a fossil fuel divestment movement on college campuses, like the one that helped bring down Apartheid. 

Plenary Speech by BILL McKIBBEN from 2012.