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Capitalism 2.0: Cutting-Edge Concious Entrepreneurship​

Hosted by Deborah Schoenbaum, Multicultural and Diversity Consultant and Faculty at Center for Whole Communities.

Exemplary, socially conscious entrepreneurs are breaking new ground in sustainability and contributing to the common good with boldly creative business strategies and high-quality products and services. These cutting-edge social ventures change the paradigm of the contract between business and society. They will share their approaches, successes and challenges, from mainstreaming naturally derived pharmaceutical products — to scaling production and distribution of diverse heirloom rice varieties and “More Crop Per Drop” — practices that radically reduce water consumption by an industry that uses a third of all annual freshwater supply — to the full-spectrum sustainability and equity practices of the Pacific Northwest’s largest wholesaler of organic fruits and vegetables and supporter of regional agriculture to how Native American nations are using entrepreneurship to address energy and green building jobs and businesses, such as SAFE: “Training a Workforce, Building an Industry: A trained tribal straw bale workforce can construct sustainable, affordable, future-proofed and energy efficient housing built with low-cost, low-embedded energy, carbon sequestering and high-performing locally sourced materials.” 


  • Lisa Conte, Napo Pharmaceuticals; 
  • Ken Lee and Caryl Levine, Co-Founders of Lotus Foods; 
  • David Lively, Sales and Marketing Vice-President at Organically Grown Company;
  • Bob Gough, Secretary of the Intertribal Council on Utility Policy COUP). 


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